I speak on stages regularly with 500 - 7.000 people in attendance. I can make a speech in english or in german.

I’ve spoken all over the world on scaling businesses, brand strategy, forex trading, along with spiritual growth.

I believe in helping people become the best versions of themselves and I therefor try to emotionally touch people with my speeches.

My Core Values

Success leaves clues, you just have to know where to look at.

Over the years of traveling the world, learning from my mentors and inspiring others, 
I put together a list of core values that helped me become successful.

I want to share these core values, that I hold dearly to my heart, with you.


With deep empathy towards your customers, you're able to serve them with excellence and establish longterm relationships.


I believe in purpose and building meaningful businesses. Creating a mission you are committed to, helps you to become more dedicated to your own success, and help others become more successful too.


Love is one of the most powerful emotions in the world, and expressing love for your customers, ideas, and businesses, helps you to separate yourself from your competition.


By using the principles of positivity, you're able to create exponential growth and help impact others.


The greatest joys in life are experienced through giving. By focusing on giving, you always create more success and impact.


With high standards of luxury and excellence, you keep your customers extremely satisfied and coming back for more.


Do you want to hire me for your event? 

Contact my management team at management@richardbuettner.com


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